Quaterly Responsible Banking Report 3Q2015

Worth mentioning in responsible banking in the third quarter of 2015 is BBVA’s renewed presence on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the tenth year in a row. The DJSI, one of world’s most prestigious sustainability indexes, comprises economic, social, environmental and corporate governance aspects. BBVA obtained an overall score of 79 points, 18 above the sector as a whole.

Moreover, Garanti Bank was the only Turkish company listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets index.

BBVA has also renewed its presence on the STOXX ESG Leaders and Ethibel Sustainability indexes this quarter.


BBVA received an honorable mention in the 14th edition of the ‘AECA 2015 Business Transparency Awards’ in the category of companies listed on the IBEX-35 index. These awards are organized by the Spanish Association of Business Accounting and Administration (AECA) and recognize the quality, accessibility, usability, contents and presence of the information disclosed on the corporate websites in the general, financial, and sustainability and good corporate governance areas.

Georgetown University and ESADE have chosen BBVA as a case study in their prestigious international master’s program, GEMBA. The supervisors of this training program have visited BBVA in order to learn more about how the bank is making responsible banking part of its business strategy. Antoni Ballabriga, Global Manager for Responsible Business at BBVA, explained the work the bank is doing to recover the customers’ trust and achieve a sustainable financial system based on integrity, transparency and prudence.

Products with a high social impact

The BBVA Group has signed a strategic agreement with Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI), an organization if will be working with as a new partner. BBVA will contribute its technical know-how in the working groups and in the extension of this platform for knowledge exchange and improvement in banking experiences in Latin America.

In this regard, BBVA has participated as a driver of financial inclusion at the AFI’s Global Policy Forum 2015, the most relevant annual event on financial inclusion worldwide, where it presented the Special Open Talent 2015 Financial Inclusion Award to Destacame.cl. This Chilean startup enables customers to obtain loans through the creation of a credit risk profile based on payments of bills for basic supplies. Moreover, BBVA Open Talent has already selected the startups that are due to compete in the finals in Europe, Latin America, and the United States and the rest of the world. This award is intended as a new driver of BBVA’s commitment to bring access to banking services to the underprivileged population.

The BBVA Microfinance Foundation has published its 2014 Performance Report: Measuring What Really Matters, which presents the work carried out by the institution in favor of sustainable and inclusive economic and social development for the underprivileged population. In 2014, the BBVA Microfinance Foundation experienced a year of growth, with more than one and a half million people served by its eight banks in seven countries, which is a 3.4% increase on last year. Moreover, 25% of the customers manage to increase their annual sales and 78% do so after three years.

BBVA’s program for supporting companies in South America is providing training in seven prestigious universities in the countries involved in the program: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. Training, together with funding and recognition, is one of the basic pillars of “Camino al éxito”. For this reason, BBVA will invest 10 million euros to train 7,000 companies from the participating countries through 2018, with a program that offers an average of 32 hours of practical training. In 2015, 705 SMEs will benefit from this program.

Thanks to the Ruta BBVA Social Entrepreneurship Program, which is committed to a model based on values, innovation and people, the expedition members were able to carry out an entrepreneurship project during the 2015 expedition. The winning project belongs to the Sharing Economy sector and involves developing a platform to boost the farming and agro-ecological consumption of local produce. The panel attached special importance to whether the project responded to an actual social problem, and to the environmental and economic sustainability of the project. The team who developed the project were awarded 2,000 euros in seed capital and had the chance to be presented at the BBVA Social Investment Day together with the other Momentum Project initiatives.

Momentum Project, the social entrepreneurship support program organized by BBVA and ESADE in partnership with the PwC Foundation, has completed its training stage with two intensive seminars at the BBVA La Moraleja Campus in Madrid, where a number of subjects were taught, such as finance, marketing, creativity and measuring social impact.

In July, BBVA signed new agreements in both Spain and Mexico aimed at funding business projects, boosting the labor market and rendering companies more competitive. The bank harnesses such initiatives to further strengthen its commitment to the business community at local and international level.

BBVA has taken part in the Enterprise 2020 2013-2015 campaign of Forética with its Yo Soy Empleo (I am Employment) program, an initiative that has achieved its goal of creating 10,000 jobs. The Enterprise 2020 platform is the only collaboration initiative that has been recognized by the 2011-2014 European Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy and focuses on “Skills for Jobs”, “Sustainable Living in Cities” and “Transparency and Good Governance”.


Education for society

The 2015 Teacher Action Awards organized by the FAD, the Spanish Commission for Cooperation with the UNESCO and BBVA have announced the shortlist of 100 candidates from all the autonomous regions, from the more than 500 participants from all over Spain. The panel has given particularly high ratings to all projects that promote the transmission of social values and has also rated the originality of the subjects, the activities carried out, the educational strategies, their aims, and the methodologies applied. This edition has extended its sphere of action by setting up a special Online Projects category, intended to reward initiatives carried out by teachers in two or more schools.

Our team

BBVA Chile has been recognized with the fifth place in the 2015 Business Sustainability Ranking organized by PROhumana, which selects the 14 companies most socially responsible in the country that stand out for their consistent management of sustainability and corporate responsibility, as well as for their commitment to society, the economy and the environment.

The environment

The BBVA Foundation has announced the winners of the 10th Edition of the Biodiversity Conservation Awards, which recognize individuals and institutions that are making progress in the protection of biodiversity and are performing valuable outreach work in society. The winners were: the BBVA Foundation Award for Biodiversity Conservation in Spain went to the Coordinating Prosecutor’s Office for the Environment and Urban Planning; in the Latin America category the winner was the Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature; and in the Knowledge Dissemination and Communication in Biodiversity Conservation category, the prize was awarded to Juan Varela Simó, a creative illustrator of nature.

Science and Culture

The BBVA Foundation has granted its Aid for Researchers and Cultural Creatives as part of the second edition of a unique program in Spain for the funding of science and culture. The institution has also awarded the Aid for Creation in Video Art 2015, which will enable the successful candidates to carry out ambitious projects with a high technological component in the area of visual and cultural narrative.