Third quarter 2014

The highlights in corporate responsibility (CR) for the third quarter of 2014 demonstrate that BBVA believes in a different approach to banking: a responsible model based on principles of integrity, prudence and transparency.

BBVA repeats its listing on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the ninth year in a row and improves the overall score obtained in 2013, according to the analysis conducted by the RobecoSAM agency. The Bank has also been selected by Triodos Investment Management,the Triodos Group subsidiary that manages socially responsible mutual funds, as part of its investor universe. It is the only Spanish Bank on this list.

BBVA Chile was recognized as one of the country’s most socially responsible companies, according to the national Corporate Social Responsibility ranking drawn up by Fundación Prohumana.

Other highlights in the period are:

Transparent, Clear and Responsible (TCR) communication

BBVA has implemented the Digital TCR project to extend the TCR communication initiative to the digital world, as part of the Group’s digitization strategy. An analysis has been conducted aimed at developing best practices in this area, which have been classified according to two criteria: before, during or after signing the contract; and ‘must have’, ‘should have’ or ‘would like to have’. At a later stage, the countries will choose the most suitable ones and the way of implementing them.


Financial literacy is one of the priorities of the Bank’s Responsible Business Plan. 2.4 million people, both customers and non-customers, have already benefited from the educational programs.  Since 2010, BBVA has contributed with the OECD to the funding of the PISA assessment, whose latest report on the financial skills of 15-year-old students in OECD countries was presented in July 2014.

In Argentina, the Financial Literacy Program for SMEs was launched at the Business School of the Department of Economic Sciences of Universidad Católica Argentina.

A program aimed at SMEs has also been implemented in Colombia through an alliance between BBVA and Uniandes that seeks to provide training to the country’s SMEs in business administration and new trends for developing sustainable businesses. The partnership between both entities will offer a 54-hour training program to 150 entrepreneurs.

BBVA has also established an alliance with the Ministry of Defense of Colombia and launched the Tarjeta Héroes card in the country. This alliance comprises a welfare project aimed at the members of the military forces that includes training in the use of financial products, support for the education of their children, and an offering of products and services at no cost for this group.

In Peru, the Bank has organized the second training conference and the second round of support for teachers at schools in the nine regions of the country taking part in the “Leer es Estar Adelante” (Reading Means Keeping Ahead) program.

Momentum Project Peru has completed its first edition with an event at which the four social ventures selected had a chance to set out their growth plans to the audience, after months of training and work.

The BBVA Bancomer Foundation has launched the “Por Una Generación Adelante” (For a Forward Generation) campaign for employees and customers. The aim is to increase by 3,000 the number of scholarships for young people with an outstanding academic performance and extend the coverage of the program from 20 to 26 states in the country by 2015. In addition, implementation has begun of the programs «Por Los Que Se Quedan» (For Those Left Behind) and «Becas Adelante» (Adelante Scholarships). In the 2014/15 academic year they will benefit 10,000 new scholarship recipients at high-school level.

In terms of the social impact of these programs, 60% of those receiving scholarships are female and 40% male. Of the total recipients, 71% have a family member who has migrated and the scholarship accounts for an average of 25% of the household’s income. The support received helps reduce child labor and the school dropout rate, while helping 97% of the students to continue with their high-school studies.

In Venezuela the BBVA Provincial Foundation has announced the winners of the 16th Programa Papagayo 2014 contest. This initiative is designed to provide education in values, through the promotion of creative reading and writing, to children in public and subsidized schools throughout Venezuela. 438 teachers from around the country were nominated this year, of whom 212 completed the process. The program has benefited more than 6,000 primary education students.

Products with a high social impact

The BBVA Microfinance Foundation has released its 2013 Performance Report, which shows that since its creation in 2007 it has provided $6,058m in loans for productive activities to 4.4 million underprivileged people. It currently serves 1.5 million people and has an impact on the lives of 8 million.

In addition, a framework agreement has been signed between the BBVA Microfinance Foundation and the Secretary General for International Development Cooperation to work together and undertake joint actions aimed at the financial inclusion of the most underprivileged groups.

Yo Soy Empleo (I am employment) has already helped over 4,500 businesses create 6,325 jobs in Spain. Starting in July, 1,000 of these aid packages were extended to the self-employed. Of these, 673 €1,500 packages have already been granted.

BBVA’s social housing policy in Spain is the result of the bank’s concern for its customers, who are offered a free employment plan with the Adecco Foundation. The program helps customers facing difficulties in meeting their payment obligations with a training and job search plan lasting nine months for either the customer or one of the customer’s family members.  Currently 619 customers benefit from the BBVA-Adecco Foundation Plan and 31% of them have found a job at some point during the program.

In Venezuela, and for the third year in a row, the bank has organized the BBVA Provincial Foundation Entrepreneurship Chair, which aims to educate and train young people, professionals and communities using a perspective that seeks to encourage and promote entrepreneurship among those interested in setting up micro-enterprises or organized businesses through training in skill-building subjects.

The BBVA Bancomer Foundation has activated its support program for the population affected by disasters. It has sent provisions to families affected by hurricane Odile and opened an account for donations. The bank is pledged to match the amount deposited by customers in the account.

Other lines

ESG Risks

BBVA has signed the 2014 Global Investor Statement on Climate Change. This statement recognizes the role played by investors in the funding of clean energy projects. Signed by some 350 investors, with over $24 billion in assets, the statement is available on:

Science and culture

The BBVA Foundation has selected Asociación Trashumancia y Naturaleza (Transhumance and Nature Association) as the winner of the 9th BBVA Foundation Award for Biodiversity Conservation Actions in Spain. Its aim is to promote transhumance, a very valuable age-old practice for the conservation of the natural, sociocultural and economic heritage of the Iberian Peninsula. In the Biodiversity Conservation Actions in Latin America category, the award went to the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama.

BBVA in the Sustainability Indices

BBVA has a notable position on the main international sustainability indices, with a weight as of 30-Sep-2014 as follows:

  • DJSI World 0,79
  • DJSI Europe 1,80
  • DJSI Eurozone 3,75
  • MSCI World ESG Index 0,43
  • MSCI World ex USA ESG Index 0,99
  • MSCI AC Europe ESG Index 1,67
  • FTSE4Good Global 0,41
  • FTSE4Good Global 100 0,69
  • FTSE4Good Europe 1,04
  • FTSE4Good Europe 50 1,80
  • Euronext-Vigeo Europe 120 0,82
  • Euronext-Vigeo Eurozone 120 0,87
  • STOXX Global ESG Environmental Leaders 0,45
  • STOXX Global ESG Social Leaders 0,45
  • EURO STOXX ESG Leaders 50 2,10
  • STOXX Europe ESG Leaders 50 2,10
  • STOXX Global ESG Leaders 0,30